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Islamic State aims to rival NRA in domestic terror


WASHINGTON, DC — FN — The terrorist organization ISIS, also known as ISIL and Islamic State, pledged Friday to donate $30 million to GOP lawmakers as funding for 2020 and 2022 campaign elections. The move is intended “to lift the stigma of being a foreign terrorist” and “to put ISIS on par with the NRA, the esteemed enabler of domestic terrorists.”

Addressing Republican members of Congress in a closed-door session, an ISIS spokesman stated that ISIS will donate to all GOP lawmakers, but that specific lawmakers who have “already supported policies that increase violence on US soil” would receive the lion’s share. Set to receive the largest ISIS donations are those who have accepted the largest NRA donations according to public records.

Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz, who received the most NRA funding of all 2016 presidential candidates, declined to comment to FN about ISIS donations. Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio, who has accepted more than $3.3 million in campaign funding from the NRA over the course of his career, and whose home state has been the site of mass shootings against partiers and children, also declined our request for a comment.


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